Protect Your Watch Collection

hether you’re an avid watch collector or simply own a few inexpensive watches, you need a watch box to keep your watches in good condition and functioning well. In this age of cell phones, PDAs, and car clocks, most people don’t really need a watch. Men who wear watches do so because they enjoy them, maybe even collect them. If you wear watches because they suit your style, then you should treat them the same way you would a favorite shirt, even if your watches only cost $20.

Improvements in watch manufacturing and technology have produced high-quality watches that last for decades. At the same time, the price of a good watch has fallen. Even if you’re not buying a Rolex, you may find yourself owning your watch for more than a decade. A watch box ensures that your watch will stay in excellent condition while you’re not wearing it.

Watch Box Styles

Watch boxes are also reflections of your personal style. If you particularly like steel or titanium watches, then a hard wood watch box made of maple or oak is ideal for you. If you prefer leather, crocodile, or other soft bands, then you’ll probably want a leather watch case to complement your collection.

A typical watch box holds four watches on soft pillows designed to keep the bands in a rounded shape. Some boxes may store the watches folded in half or laid flat. Depending on your needs, you might want a watch box that can also hold cuff links or rings. Valet boxes, which can also hold keys and coins, often have at least one watch compartment.

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