Jewelry Chest

If you are thinking of gifting or buying a jewelry chest for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Jewelry boxes are not only found in different sizes and shapes but can also be seen carrying different kind of designs or engravings on the top.

A woman can obviously store her collection of jewels in it while using it as a decorative item too. A man on the other hand, can use it to keep his watches, chains and other important things like mobile phones safe. It can also be used as a display case for antiques.

You can find all types of shapes that you can think of. There are ovals, rounds, squares, rectangles, heart-shaped ones, stars, treasure chests like that of pirates and even cases with Victorian stands and shapes.

Almost every kind of wood can be used to make wooden chests. In America, the type of wood usually used is warm Mahogany, koa, maple, cherry, white ash, walnut, burl and birch. In other parts of the world, rosewood, padauk, olivewood, lacewood, blodwood, bocote, jatoba and kingwood, timber are more common.

You would actually be surprised to find out the huge range of carvings that can be found over wooden chests. You can find carvings of abstract shapes like that of a heart, chess set and also objective designs. Apart from this, there are carvings related to nature too, of animals, people, depictions of ancient civilizations or even birds.

One of the most favored engravings on wooden chests have been the ones with marquetry art work. The work is really well designed and polished from every millimetre that you would love to have possess it to store your collection of jewels.

Other than these, there are numerous other kinds of engravings or inlay work that can be found in different parts of the world which are precious and skilled art work, such as Canadian Laser engravings.

Another few popular engravings can be listed as New Zealand’s polished stainless steel engravings called Magrette timepieces, Rachel Reckitt’s wooden engravings of The Mill on the Floss, Pakistan’s specialised engraved wooden boxes with pictures reflecting their religion and you can even find copper, steel and bank note engravings that can prove to be really interesting and fascinating.

Apart from these, a few people like to attach jewels and stones too to give an attractive and luxurious look to a jewelry chest.. If you want to have an exclusive jewelry box, you can even have your favorite picture or photograph pasted with engravings on the sides, to make it your own.

If you are hunting for a perfect case for all your expensive jewelry, a handcrafted jewelry chest may be your best storage option. Pick out the one that suits your needs the best in terms of storage space, design or engravings and you would cherish the case for the rest of your life.

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