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Pre Owned Cartier Watches

The Cartier brand was founded by Louis Cartier in Paris in the 1800s. For years now it has been creating masterpieces in jewelry and watches. One of the oldest and the finest jewelers in the world, it has a name in creating designer watches. What’s great is that once only affordable by the rich and famous, today these watches can belong to you as well. Yes, there are certified pre owned Cartier timepieces available on the Internet at a discount of up to 60% to 70%. So even you can own it without compromising on quality.

Different Models

The brand has many models in both men and women range of designer Cartier timepieces. These are available in steel, gold/steel, platinum, gold (while, yellow and rose) and titanium offer different types of movements such as mechanical manual winding, mechanical automatic winding and quartz. The most famous collections are the Tank, Pasha De and Santos De Cartier. Each collection has exclusive models such as Tank Chinoise, Tank Solo, Tank Americane, Tank Louis etc. Pasha De collection of designer wristwatches includes Pasha Seatimer, Pasha C etc. Santos Dumont, Santos Demoiselle and Santos De Cartier Galbee are some of the famous models from the Santos De Cartier collection.

Please Note

When you are exploring the option of pre owned watches, you need to be very careful about certain things. These pre owned wristwatches are generally used or sold by a retail customer. So, you should always ask for authentic warranty papers to ensure quality. You should also search for untouched models meaning models that have not undergone any refurbishing. There are different grades that are given to pre owned watches according to their condition. The best grade is Mint. If the watch is in Mint condition, it is actually like buying a brand new Cartier at a much lower rate.

Jewelry Boxes For Young Men and Boys

Often boys and young men are left to hide their jewelry and other precious items in their sock drawer or in a mug left on the dresser. This can easily be amended with a jewelry box. There are great looking, masculine jewelry boxes that will look great in any boy’s bedroom or even on a table in a den or living room or foyer. Here are some selections that your boy or young man can select from.

Watch Box

The watch box is a basic men’s jewelry box that is designed to look great and to store items such as watches and basic jewelry. Most boys have a stash of sterling silver or gold rope chains and bracelets along with a few rings. If you have noticed that these favorite items are not being worn it may be because they have been lost or misplaced. The watch box is the perfect masculine box to set on a bedroom dresser.

The Valet Box

The valet box can store jewelry and watches as well as hold the handful of every day belongings that are usually tossed on the dresser, the coffee table or the kitchen counter at the end of each day. These items can easily be tossed instead into a great looking valet box. This box looks great on a dresser or on a coffee table. It can hold a wallet, the house key, coins and all of the other stuff that your young man tosses out of his pockets when he returns home from school or work. The valet box looks great and goes with most decors as it organizes what would have been a pile of miscellaneous but important belonging.

The Charging Station

The charging station is another masculine styled box that looks great in a variety of locations. It also catches the end of the day collection of coins, receipts and keys, but in addition to this it is able to hold and charge MP3 players and cell phones. This is a great way to keep from misplacing the cell phone or MP3 player. The charging station is the perfect jewelry box for the young man on the go. It is a great organizing tool that can be used to keep a hold on important items and to be a reminder to recharge his electronics each night so that they are ready for the next morning. This is a mom’s favorite jewelry box.

The Secret to Choosing the Right Men’s Jewelry

Talking about men and jewelry isn’t something common; however it’s not out of the question either. I know many a man who hold there jewelry and watches with high regard. Therefore, what better way to compliment and store these treasures than with men’s jewelry boxes? When a man wears something nice, it’s often because there is a special reason, maybe that watch he’s wearing was given to him by his father or perhaps that ring represents a certain time in his life. Whatever the reason may be jewelry boxes is a great way to go when thinking of giving a gift to any special man in your life. Men’s jewelry boxes will be greatly appreciated by any man with a fondness for jewelry.

When I first saw the variety of jewelry boxes for men I was amazed; apparently I was not the only one who was looking for something I could store my valuables in. The choices range from large to small, from sturdy to sleek, from fancy to professional. But that was just the impression I had from the exterior design. The interior is just as interesting.

Truth is I never really realized how many expensive ornaments I was wearing until I saw a box that could organize all of it. Many of these boxes contain compartments to store things that men need every day, such as watches, rings, necklaces or bracelets – but there were also special places reserved for accessories for special occasions’, such as specially designed cufflinks, eloquent tie clips or recognition shields. It does relieve the mind to know that those personal items are safely stored in an organized and concise way.

More than that, the craftsmanship that goes into those boxes is amazing, making it a shame to still call them “Jewelry boxes”. For some reason, a “Personal Organizer” seems fit. The choices a man has are amazing, and that’s why I feel the word “personal” is necessary. There are the appealing sleek black designs, as well as the antique oak works, and a man has but to see for himself which appeals to him the most. From the finesse of the woodwork of the separate departments, to the wonderful smoothness of the golden hinges or the delicate carving of the family emblem or slogan, many of those jewelry boxes are truly the heart of a man’s legacy – it is intimate and should reflect the kind of man he is.

Jewelry Insurance

As crime and drug use increases, the risks involved in having Antique and Estate Jewelry just lying around your home seem to treble. It becomes a nightmare and you find you are just not sure what to do.

Here are some timely pieces of advice, but by no means comprehensive. If you have special circumstances, it may pay you to go one step further and get some professional advice.


If you collect Antique Jewelry and your collection has grown to more than ‘Just a couple of Rings’ you will have a double edged sword to handle.

In the first place you have two problems.

* You are an active buyer, so people know who you are.

* Insurance has put ‘Premiums’ through the roof.

Personally, we just Hate to see items collected and never worn.
Jewelry was made to adorn, so if you can, wear them.

But remember this is an open advert to the whole world that you have ‘Got some Jewelry’ at Home. It pays to be just a little aware!


Your Home and Contents policy ‘GENERALLY’ does NOT cover your personal Jewelry over a certain amount (this varies from company to company). Plus if you had to claim, the Insurance company may take a ‘premium’ from you (say $100) which they would DEDUCT from the final payout.

The remaining value may not cover one item in your collection, yet alone the ‘sentimental’ value associated with your personal favorites.

So you will have to list all of the items individually and get an Insurance Valuation certificate as well. Because ‘Sentimental’ value does not apply, only the replacement costs, you will have to ensure your qualified gemologist/jeweler/valuer understands why you are having an appraisal done in the first place.

This can get expensive as professional appraisals typically cost a flat ‘Take-in’ price of around $20 plus a sliding scale fee of approximately one percent of the final value.

In an item is valued around $1000 dollars, that fee is $10 + $20 take-in or $30 total. This is just for ONE item. Valuation Appraisals can cost up to $60 dollars or more so if you have a small collection, you may need a small fortune just to keep up with current prices.

The BIGGER your collection – The B I G G E R your cost!

But if you don’t want a great outlay, you might just take advantage of the useful ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Online Jewelry Self Appraisal Kit at the Online Jewelry Appraisal Center at the address shown below, which is a great alternative.

This ONLINE database system calculates everything for you and prints out a descriptive Certificate and is hundreds of times more accurate and thorough than your local high street jewelers’ scribbled letterhead.

At such a low fee it’s money well spent. Indeed, if you just purchased something on eBay or Yahoo auctions, for example, you might wish to just confirm an approximate value by using this easy to use DIY Valuation Appraisal Kit.

Suppose you recently bought something from a local Dealer, on the Market or Antique Fair, why not get it checked. What’s the worst that could happen? For less than the price of a Big Mac and Coke it’s a Bargain, plus there are many other advantages to having your Jewelry done at the Online Jewelry Appraisal Center.

Your appraisal valuations should be re-done every couple of years as the price of Gold and Silver changes, as does the price of Diamonds and Gemstones and Antiques in particular.

We do offer an excellent reminder service to anyone who completes a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Online Jewelry Self Appraisal Kit with us. This alone is worth the small fee as it relieves you of the problem.

But remember that if your Jewelry is lost or stolen, the insurance cover will only help replace your treasure with something of ‘COMPARABLE’ value.

It can’t buy you ‘sentiment’ and it can’t buy you another Georgian Chatelaine to exactly replace the one you had. You may be able to get another ‘Similar’ item though, and that is better than the few dollars or so, you may have received from the Homeowners policy.

It pays to have an up-to-date Certificate. I can’t stress that enough.

If in doubt, talk with your trusted Insurance Company.

But even if it’s just for ‘Peace of mind’, the small price (less than a Cinema Ticket) is well worth the effort.

It’s a No-Brainer really.

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