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Why Women Love Swarovski Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, you will be hard pressed to find any women who doesn’t own a collection or two. Among the popular collections women indulge in these days include Swarovski jewelry and if you had the opportunity to own exquisitely-crafted jewelry like these, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

It is quite understandable why women all over the world don’t pass up the opportunity to buy Swarovski jewelry because for one, it rivals the diamond as far as shine and sparkle are concerned. They contain 32% lead which qualifies them as fully leaded and are expertly cut crystals painted with a special metallic coating that allows more light refraction, which is mainly the reason behind their famous sparkling quality.

It is because of this particular quality that Swarovski crystals are used on everything by designers of every kind, from haute couture to jewelry to even candle holders. Despite the fact that they can be quite a challenge to maintain and handle, it is still the crystal of choice for most people. These days, however, it is making its presence felt more in the realm of jewelries and accessories and is one of the fashion trends that don’t fade away no matter what the season.

It is perhaps good to note that Swarovski crystals are not your usual crystals. They are actually man-made gems created and manufactured in Austria in the 1800s, by a man named Daniel Swarovski who had discovered a way to make high-quality, lead glass crystals by using a special machine that allowed him to produce quality cuts. In 1895, he founded the Swarovski Company and initially made only home décor pieces until in 1957, Christian Dior helped him produce the now-famous Aurora Borealis color which became an instant hit in the fashion world.

In 1977, Swarovski came to the US and presented his first ever jewelry collection featuring the exquisite crystals and from then on, the fashion world was never the same again. The jewelry collection since then has evolved to include other fashion accessory staples like handbags, belts and watches for both men and women. It has also recently ventured into sculptural pieces that include the golden dragon (Jinlong), made from about 63,000 pieces of hand-laid crystals in 21 shades of gold, the elephant (Matang) that is made from smoky quartz, topaz and black diamond colored crystals and the horse(Amurath) that is made from metallic blue crystals. The set was completed with the creation of the falcon (Alsaqr Almalaki), which is considered officially sold out to date.

If you are one of the many fortunate owners of Swarovski jewelry, chances are you are trying your absolute best to maintain its quality and beauty but not many Swarovski jewelry owners know that taking care of their crystals and jewelry only requires very basic solutions to keep their sparkle and shine: baby wipes, rubbing alcohol and mild dish soap.

Those and the fact that you need to make sure you apply your hairsprays, lotions, creams and powders before you put on your jewelries as the oils that are generated by these products and even from our own skin can mar the brilliance of the crystals. The first step is rinsing your pieces in warm water, but make sure it’s not at boiling temperature as that can damage them.

The next step is to apply a small amount of dish soap to the surface of your jewelry. Commercial jewelry cleaners can contain ingredients that can be harsh on the crystal’s surface so refrain from using those. If you have the time, you can scour for specialty Swarovski cleaners in your area and take your jewels there for cleaning.

Brush the pieces gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush or a lint-free cloth then just as gently rinse them thoroughly. Make sure that the pieces are completely dry before storing them back in their cases. If your pieces happen to contain Swarovski pearls, do not clean them with water but just buff them with soft cloth.

And lastly, when storing your Swarovski jewelry, make sure you store them in their original packaging to keep them from getting scratched or nipped. Swarovski often offers a special cleaning kit complete with a soft brush, a polishing cloth and white gloves so that you won’t get fingerprints on the crystals.

Movado Men’s Watch

Smart shopper never pay full price for anything. When it comes to the Movado Men’s Watch Collection, we’re going to show where to shop to walk away with some sweet discounts. As a matter of fact, once you learn these easy to grasp tips, you can expect to land discounts from fifteen percent and better. The key is excepting the fact that our traditional brick and mortar stores with their massive electric bills, phone bills, salaries, commissions and recurring charges for security and upkeep simply cannot compete with the efficient online jewelry stores dedicated to Internet only transactions.

Our first tip is to find reputable online jewelers that specialize in Movado Men’s Watches. The easy way to do that is to use your favorite search engine and search for “Movado Men’s Watch.” Here’s an important tip; you should scratch off from your list “All” of the major retailers that have an online presence. They only way they can give you a discount worth writing home about is if they are going out of business.

In addition, when they say discount, what they really mean is they are reducing their already exorbitantly high prices. The discounts they provide amount to a small reduction in the overall price… but you are still paying too much for your Movado Men’s Watch!

Next, you need to screen the potential sellers to see if they are in fact reputable companies. There are a number of ways of performing this task. The best way is to check and see that they are properly licensed and incorporated. Afterwards, check with the BBB to see how they are rated. And finally, see if they have negative reviews on consumer oriented websites such as RipOffReport and ConsumerAffairs. If they clear those hurdles, you are on your way to finding a nice discount on a Movado Men’s Watch.

You should settle for nothing less than a minimum of a fifteen percent discount. We checked and if you shop around, that’s the bear minimum. Actually, if you search diligently, you can expect to find anywhere from a thirty percent to a fifty percent discount on this popular brand of watches. A popular watch you can find online is the Men’s Juro Swiss Stainless Steel Watch. This watch is found in stores for about one thousand dollars but online you can purchase it around four hundred and fifty dollars. This watch has a black dial with a stone on the twelve o’clock hand; it also has a stainless steel band that is silver and gold in color.

Another Movado men’s watch that you can find online is the S.E Stainless Steel Watch. This watch has a dark blue dial with a stone on the twelve o’clock hand as well as a complete silver colored stainless steel band. It is water resistant up to 99 feet and has a scratch resistant sapphire dial window. This watch is priced around nine hundred and fifty dollars online, which is less expensive than in retail stores for this model.

It is wise to take your time when deciding which model you want to purchase; whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone, you can always find a quality watch by shopping online at reputable online jewelers.

Purchasing a Movado Men’s Watch online is a safe way to shop, and it will make your shopping experience easier by allowing you to shop in the comfort of your own home, while saving you money at the same time.

A Smart Way to Store Your Watch Collection

Watches are to men what jewelry are to women. Some men spend a significant amount of money on expensive watches so it is only right that these precious items have a proper receptacle to keep them safe. So if you have an extensive collection, you need a men’s jewelry box exclusively designed to hold your watches.

More popularly known as a watch box or watch case, this type of jewelry box is specifically used to protect and display your watch collection. It can hold from one to as many as twenty pieces or more depending on the size.

The box usually comes with different compartments with small pillows that can hold each watch separately. This is especially ideal for those with metal straps where you can wrap the strap around the pillow keeping it snug and secure.

Other boxes are designed in such a way that you can lay your timepieces flat instead of wrapping them around the pillows. This is perfect for those with leather straps. Some cases come with drawers where you can keep spare straps, spare spring bars, buckles, small tools and other small parts for your watch.

Most watch cases come with a clear top made of either acrylic or glass so that the whole collection is on display. A clear top can help you identify which one you want to wear for the day. In addition, if you own a solar-powered type, the light that goes through is enough to keep it charged.

Some boxes also come with a watch winder. This can be very convenient as you won’t have to wind your watch manually. They are, however, quite pricey.

Some innovative people transform old cigar boxes into watch boxes. They just add some dividers to be able to hold each watch. This inexpensive option can make the box one of a kind and sport a very novel look.

Watch boxes can be made of different materials. There are those made of wood, leather, aluminum and other metals. Wooden and leather watch boxes are the most common.

Some come with locks and latches while others don’t. There are many options when it comes to watch boxes so although the choice is wide, it can be quite confusing when you actually set out to buy one.

To choose the perfect box for your watch collection, here are some things you should look for.

1. Dimensions. Each slot should be able to accommodate your largest watch. Watches come in different sizes so it is important that your biggest one is able to fit into the compartment without touching the other watches.

2. Depth. Choose a box that is deep enough so that when you close the lid, it does not hit the face of the watch. There should be enough clearance between the watch and the top.

3. Pillows. The box should have firm, oval pillows that are big enough to hold the watch snugly and upright. Some pillows are adjustable with a removable outer sleeve so that they can accommodate both larger and smaller watches.

4. Lining. Choose a lining made of soft material like fleece, velvet, or microfiber. A good lining will keep your watches protected from scrapes and scratches.

Now that you know what to look for in a watch box, you can organize your watch collection and store them safely for a lifetime.

You Should Treasure the Jewelry Box

Reaching all the way into the histories of numerous venerable, ancient civilizations, jewelry has played an important role in the culture of various peoples. Often, the fine jewelry that people wore was reflective of the values, humanity and the artistry of that era and usually offers many insights into the way of life during that time. In addition to the works of jewelry, the jewelry boxes of each age can also lend additional insights and should be equally treasured.

In fact, it is fair to declare that the history and the significance of the intricate jewelry boxes date back for as many centuries as the pieces of jewelry. Especially in ancient cultures, fine jewelry was revered and was often used to display the position and the power of a particular person or family. In addition, fashion jewelry and embellished items, such as various gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces have always been, as they are today, outward expressions of wealth.

“About Jewelry and watch”

Because of this, the jewelry boxes that came from different time periods and cultures can also provide additional clues and insights into the people who owned precious jewelry. The owners of fine jewelry take care to protect their collection, and this was the case even more so in ancient times when acquiring and refining precious metals was more difficult. Therefore, a jewelry box was an important form of protection, in addition to practical storage.

Historically, such boxes were specially designed and hand-crafted items created by skilled craftsmen. In fact, in some instances, the same artisans responsible for the wonderful fine jewelry that was being made also put their talents to work to build beautiful such boxes. In this way, their works of jewelry art would be housed in proper vessels that would do justice and honor to their craft.

Many of the traditions of fine workmanship that went into jewelry boxes of yesteryear are still quite alive and well today. Just as one can find an enormous selection of fine jewelry, from simple costume one to highly embellished fashion one, there is also a wide array of such boxes to carefully store the precious items that people collect.

Since so many people do collect a significant number of jewelry pieces over the years, often jewelry boxes that once provided adequate space are replaced with a larger container. Some people simply buy another box or two, while others decide to go with grander options. One of the common items seen nowadays, which is an offshoot of the basic box, is a jewelry armoire.

The jewelry armoires are really more of a piece of furniture than the standard jewelry boxes that are common in many homes. They can range in height from about three feet to about six feet. They typically feature swinging doors on the front which reveal many specially designed nooks, crooks and crannies for storing different types of fine jewelry, such as diamond rings, silver jewelry, gold jewelry and watches.