Are you looking to buy jewelry, watches, accessories or perhaps that one perfect ring?

You can’t do that without knowing a few things first. Here’s some really cool tricks to get you the perfect watch for the just the right occasion . 1 know what you More »

Pre Owned Cartier Watches

The Cartier brand was founded by Louis Cartier in Paris in the 1800s. For years now it has been creating masterpieces in jewelry and watches. One of the oldest and the finest More »

Jewelry Boxes For Young Men and Boys

Often boys and young men are left to hide their jewelry and other precious items in their sock drawer or in a mug left on the dresser. This can easily be amended More »

The Secret to Choosing the Right Men’s Jewelry

Talking about men and jewelry isn’t something common; however it’s not out of the question either. I know many a man who hold there jewelry and watches with high regard. Therefore, what More »

Jewelry Insurance

As crime and drug use increases, the risks involved in having Antique and Estate Jewelry just lying around your home seem to treble. It becomes a nightmare and you find you are More »

Pre Owned Cartier Watches

The Cartier brand was founded by Louis Cartier in Paris in the 1800s. For years now it has been creating masterpieces in jewelry and watches. One of the oldest and the finest jewelers in the world, it has a name in creating designer watches. What’s great is that once only affordable by the rich and famous, today these watches can belong to you as well. Yes, there are certified pre owned Cartier timepieces available on the Internet at a discount of up to 60% to 70%. So even you can own it without compromising on quality.

Different Models

The brand has many models in both men and women range of designer Cartier timepieces. These are available in steel, gold/steel, platinum, gold (while, yellow and rose) and titanium offer different types of movements such as mechanical manual winding, mechanical automatic winding and quartz. The most famous collections are the Tank, Pasha De and Santos De Cartier. Each collection has exclusive models such as Tank Chinoise, Tank Solo, Tank Americane, Tank Louis etc. Pasha De collection of

Vintage Jewelry Components

Many men and women often desire custom jewelry because it is unique. A designer who makes lots unique jewelry can make custom jewelry may create a piece of jewelry, or it can be a piece of jewelry put together by an individual for their personal use. The different elements that are used to make jewelry don’t always have to be new. Sometimes using vintage pieces will make your jewelry even more enticing; so don’t be afraid to venture into using vintage jewelry.

Purchasing Vintage Jewelry

One of the best places to purchase inexpensive vintage jewelry pieces to use in making this jewelry is at a garage sale. You will find that some people sell broken pieces of jewelry at really inexpensive prices that you can mix and match to create new pieces. For fine vintage jewelry, you will need to go to jeweler or buy directly from the owner.

Where To Find Great Finds

Jewelers that specialize in selling fine jewelry will often have sales or sell jewelry pieces that they have chosen not to

You Should Treasure the Jewelry Box

Reaching all the way into the histories of numerous venerable, ancient civilizations, jewelry has played an important role in the culture of various peoples. Often, the fine jewelry that people wore was reflective of the values, humanity and the artistry of that era and usually offers many insights into the way of life during that time. In addition to the works of jewelry, the jewelry boxes of each age can also lend additional insights and should be equally treasured.

In fact, it is fair to declare that the history and the significance of the intricate jewelry boxes date back for as many centuries as the pieces of jewelry. Especially in ancient cultures, fine jewelry was revered and was often used to display the position and the power of a particular person or family. In addition, fashion jewelry and embellished items, such as various gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces have always been, as they are today, outward expressions of wealth.

“About Jewelry and watch”

Because of this, the jewelry boxes that came from different time periods and cultures can also provide additional

Are you looking to buy jewelry, watches, accessories or perhaps that one perfect ring?

You can’t do that without knowing a few things first. Here’s some really cool tricks to get you the perfect watch for the just the right occasion .

1 know what you are in the market for. You can’t show up to a business occasion dressed for the beach or give your presentation the right impact dressed for a casual event. Know who are are trying to impress and fit your bill by copying those around you. Nothing makes the mark like a good time piece. Set the tone for power or play with accessories that match the mood. Dressing the style and looking good are key to setting yourself apart from the rest of the world we know and distinguishing yourself.

2 set a budget based on what you want to achieve. Knowing where you want to be is one thing but getting there is something different. Making the right steps not only is good practice in handling money but it gets you in the right place to look and feel good by accessorizing well with name brands that have gravitas.

3 When inspiring yourself to get a new image or add to what

Jewelry Boxes For Young Men and Boys

Often boys and young men are left to hide their jewelry and other precious items in their sock drawer or in a mug left on the dresser. This can easily be amended with a jewelry box. There are great looking, masculine jewelry boxes that will look great in any boy’s bedroom or even on a table in a den or living room or foyer. Here are some selections that your boy or young man can select from.

Watch Box

The watch box is a basic men’s jewelry box that is designed to look great and to store items such as watches and basic jewelry. Most boys have a stash of sterling silver or gold rope chains and bracelets along with a few rings. If you have noticed that these favorite items are not being worn it may be because they have been lost or misplaced. The watch box is the perfect masculine box to set on a bedroom dresser.

The Valet Box

The valet box can store jewelry and watches as well as hold the handful of every day belongings that are usually tossed on the dresser, the coffee table or the kitchen counter

The Secret to Choosing the Right Men’s Jewelry

Talking about men and jewelry isn’t something common; however it’s not out of the question either. I know many a man who hold there jewelry and watches with high regard. Therefore, what better way to compliment and store these treasures than with men’s jewelry boxes? When a man wears something nice, it’s often because there is a special reason, maybe that watch he’s wearing was given to him by his father or perhaps that ring represents a certain time in his life. Whatever the reason may be jewelry boxes is a great way to go when thinking of giving a gift to any special man in your life. Men’s jewelry boxes will be greatly appreciated by any man with a fondness for jewelry.

When I first saw the variety of jewelry boxes for men I was amazed; apparently I was not the only one who was looking for something I could store my valuables in. The choices range from large to small, from sturdy to sleek, from fancy to professional. But that was just the impression I had from the exterior design. The interior is just as interesting.

Truth is I never really realized how many

Jewelry Insurance

As crime and drug use increases, the risks involved in having Antique and Estate Jewelry just lying around your home seem to treble. It becomes a nightmare and you find you are just not sure what to do.

Here are some timely pieces of advice, but by no means comprehensive. If you have special circumstances, it may pay you to go one step further and get some professional advice.


If you collect Antique Jewelry and your collection has grown to more than ‘Just a couple of Rings’ you will have a double edged sword to handle.

In the first place you have two problems.

* You are an active buyer, so people know who you are.

* Insurance has put ‘Premiums’ through the roof.

Personally, we just Hate to see items collected and never worn.
Jewelry was made to adorn, so if you can, wear them.

But remember this is an open advert to the whole world that you have ‘Got some Jewelry’ at Home. It pays to be just a little aware!


Your Home and Contents policy ‘GENERALLY’ does NOT

Jewelry Gifts For Mother and Wife

When you are looking for jewelry gifts in the summer, you have many options to choose from. You can choose from precious stones and gold jewelry, to the most functional types of jewelry and watches for a mother in your life. You must have a Look at the summer jewelry selection which is available when you choose a gift for your mom or wife and choose something that she must like. A good way to say her taste is to look at her jewelry collection in progress.

When selecting jewelry for any mom or wife, you should consider the fact that she is most likely proud of her children or husband and wants to be reminded of them by wearing jewelry that is made to that effect. You can find many options when it comes to gifts for a mother or a wife through jewelry. Take a look at those jewels gifts which reflect not only the beauty but also have symbolic significance.

A Great gift idea, jewelry, when it is summer time, is a charm. You can buy a pendant with a picture on her children that a mother or a wife prefers as a

Four Names to Remember

In the world of luxury watches, there are a few names that virtually anyone in the world would know. While popular brands like Tag are certainly among the top brands for quality and craftsmanship, there are four major brand names that everyone should know. Not only are they world-renowned for having the finest watches, they are also among the top names for collectors and connoisseurs.

International Watch Company (IWC)

The IWC has been creating luxury timepieces in Switzerland since the 1860’s and has built a reputation for being perfectionists when it comes to precision in timekeeping and design. Each IWC collection, or “family” as they label them, have a unique style and design that appeal to a wide range of people around the world. From their Da Vinci inspired line to their vintage and military pilot styles, there seems to be a story attached to each piece, making it special to anyone who owns it.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is the famous figure who donated the stunning Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute. He is also a man well known in the luxury accessory world for having impeccable taste for jewelry and watch designs.

Valet & Watch A Mans Perspective

I am one of those men that enjoys jewelry because I want to look good. After all, I am executive for a large company and I am in front of people all the time. It is important that I look good and feel good so that I can put my best foot forward in representing my company at all times. As a result, I have many watches, rings, a few necklaces, company pins, cufflinks, money clips and tie clips that I use regularly.

The other day my wife opened the top drawer of my dresser and shrieked in horror. There in my top drawer floating around was all of my jewelry; mixed, mingled and tangled together. She immediately yelled at me (in a nice way) and stated that I needed a jewelry box to organize and protect all of my jewelry. I immediately rebuffed her thought and stated that there was no way I was going to get a jewelry box. After all, jewelry boxes are for women, right!

A few months later when my birthday arrived, what do you think she got me? Yes, a jewelry box, or for proper reference a “valet box”. I

Antique Pocket Watches Are a Great Addition

If you happen to be one of those types of people who only likes to wear the very finest clothes, and is always accessorized to the max, you might want to consider acquiring an antique pocket watch. Many highly esteemed collectors consider them to be eye-catching pieces of artwork. For those of you that truly enjoy making dramatic fashion statements, these remarkably well crafted dazzling ornaments should be perfectly suited for you.

Many of us are always trying to outdo our friends and neighbors by acquiring larger and nicer homes, or in some cases, the latest design of the most modern sports car. One thing that you can almost be certain of if you do decide to start wearing antique pocket watches regularly, is that not too many other people will also be sporting them.

This of course will create a sense of envy in everybody that comes in contact with you, as well as a great deal of questions regarding how you were able to obtain such magnificent additions to your already eye-catching collection.

Antique pocket watches are not nearly as expensive as one would believe. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs,

Watch Collection With a New Piece From Invicta

Invicta timepieces are alluring, elegant and marvelous. They are available in a variety of stunning styles and designs. These Invicta showstoppers are perfect for fashion-savvy men and women and they will add a lot of style to your week. Pick up one of these Invicta offerings if you want to look like a million bucks.

Invicta II Men’s Quartz Sport Date Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Round out your wardrobe with this Invicta II Men’s Quartz Sport Date ST watch. This watch sports a black, blue or red dial, a round, silver-tone, ST case and a unidirectional rotating bezel. This watch also features the ‘Invicta’ logo, a Flame Fusion crystal, and a shiny ST bracelet. This water-resistant, high-end timepiece meets the highest standards in the industry.

Invicta II Men’s Quartz Dual Time Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The Invicta II Men’s Quartz Dual Time ST Bracelet watch is handsome and comfortable. It features a blue or yellow dial, a round, silver-tone ST case, and a matching bezel. The round, blue or yellow sunray dial adds a nice touch to this watch. This Invicta watch for him is finished off with a silver-tone, ST bracelet. This

David Yurman Jewelry And Designer

David Yurman Brief History

David Yurman began his artistic career as a sculptor during the 1960s. During this time his wife encouraged him to transform his sculpting designs into copper belt buckles and this was the beginning of things to come.

He then worked for a brief period with Cartier and tried to expand his experience with Tiffany but was turned down. This rejection encouraged him to design and market his own unique jewelry designs which led to the creation of David Yurman Inc in 1979.

At that time the jewelry trend was gold chains and flashy medallions and he decided to buck the trend with twisted cable sterling silver, and the gamble paid off. Within four years David Yurman received the 1983 InterGold Award which finally gave him the international recognition that he deserved. His signature collection features twisting sterling silver ropes, or “cables,” fashioned into necklaces, bracelets and rings.

He went on to design and create a wide range of pieces with a huge variety of styles. His experimental nature paid off handsomely and he soon became a recognised name in the jewelry industry. People started clamoring for his designs.


Jewelry Chest

If you are thinking of gifting or buying a jewelry chest for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Jewelry boxes are not only found in different sizes and shapes but can also be seen carrying different kind of designs or engravings on the top.

A woman can obviously store her collection of jewels in it while using it as a decorative item too. A man on the other hand, can use it to keep his watches, chains and other important things like mobile phones safe. It can also be used as a display case for antiques.

You can find all types of shapes that you can think of. There are ovals, rounds, squares, rectangles, heart-shaped ones, stars, treasure chests like that of pirates and even cases with Victorian stands and shapes.

Almost every kind of wood can be used to make wooden chests. In America, the type of wood usually used is warm Mahogany, koa, maple, cherry, white ash, walnut, burl and birch. In other parts of the world, rosewood, padauk, olivewood, lacewood, blodwood, bocote, jatoba and kingwood, timber are more common.

You would actually be surprised to

Collect Antique Men’s Watches

Since its the only piece of jewelry a man ought to wear (except a wedding ring), a first class watch commands power and gives your wardrobe a classy spin. But if you’re glancing at your Rolex as we speak, wondering where I’m going with this, then you’re ready to move on to my next piece of advice.

You already know so as to there’s nothing like a white-faced men’s watch with a black leather or stainless steel band. If a classic timepiece hasn’t yet made its way into your fashion arsenal, then that should be next on your to-do list.

A fashionable watch is a great way to add some style to your weekend or evening look. Whether you’re looking for a trivial image change or simply want to give your classic watch a rest on weekends, today’s fashionable watches might just provide you with the time of your life. Let me share some different types and styles that you can watch out fr vintage men’s watches.

On every occasion you’re up for a dose of diversity in your image, you can count on leather to give you a kick in the hide. Leather seems

Hot New Diamond Jewelry And Swiss

The jewelry industry has gotten very creative over the last couple of years and with that creativeness has come an amazing assortment of jewelry designs. Technology has also advanced and complicated styles that weren’t possible are not being made. Finally, manufacturing costs have come down and now can you choose from an amazing collection of jewelry styles while spending much less than in years past. Read more and you’ll learn what’s at the front of the pack.

Add-A-Bead Charm Bracelets

Pandora and TrollBeads have created a new phenomenon in jewelry that includes a contemporary spin on the charm bracelet. TrollBeads is a brand name “add-a-bead” charm bracelet designed by Scandinavian artists using sterling silver and Murano glass beads. The silver beads are a collection of symbols and animals each with a meaningful story behind them. Each artist has there own bead that they’ve created using inspiration from mythological stories and fairy tales. The Murano beads are hand-blown genuine Murano glass – made by Italian craftsman. Pandora is similar in style and concept but places a bigger emphasis on the silver while TrollBeads has both sterling silver and glass to choose from.

These charm bracelets make

Protect Your Watch Collection

hether you’re an avid watch collector or simply own a few inexpensive watches, you need a watch box to keep your watches in good condition and functioning well. In this age of cell phones, PDAs, and car clocks, most people don’t really need a watch. Men who wear watches do so because they enjoy them, maybe even collect them. If you wear watches because they suit your style, then you should treat them the same way you would a favorite shirt, even if your watches only cost $20.

Improvements in watch manufacturing and technology have produced high-quality watches that last for decades. At the same time, the price of a good watch has fallen. Even if you’re not buying a Rolex, you may find yourself owning your watch for more than a decade. A watch box ensures that your watch will stay in excellent condition while you’re not wearing it.

Watch Box Styles

Watch boxes are also reflections of your personal style. If you particularly like steel or titanium watches, then a hard wood watch box made of maple or oak is ideal for you. If you prefer leather, crocodile, or other soft bands, then

How to Organize Jewelry and Cosmetics

When we look at our bedrooms or bathrooms, we tend to focus on the big things: clothes, the bed, towels; and the other items that we consider part of the room like lamps or alarm clocks. When we decide to clean or organize these rooms, we then spend most of our time dealing with these big things.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can often save more space by organizing the little things. Things like jewelry, cosmetics and toiletries all end up taking over sections of your counter because individually they are pretty small. But if you look at the amount of space that these items take up as a group, then you realize that you are actually losing a lot of space.


Cosmetics are a perfect example of small items taking up big space. I don’t want to single out women, so we can also include guy’s stuff like men’s cologne and moisturizer in this group. If you take a look at your bathroom counter or the top of your dresser, you will probably see a lot of these things just sitting there. Usually these things end up where they are because you

Why Women Love Swarovski Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, you will be hard pressed to find any women who doesn’t own a collection or two. Among the popular collections women indulge in these days include Swarovski jewelry and if you had the opportunity to own exquisitely-crafted jewelry like these, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

It is quite understandable why women all over the world don’t pass up the opportunity to buy Swarovski jewelry because for one, it rivals the diamond as far as shine and sparkle are concerned. They contain 32% lead which qualifies them as fully leaded and are expertly cut crystals painted with a special metallic coating that allows more light refraction, which is mainly the reason behind their famous sparkling quality.

It is because of this particular quality that Swarovski crystals are used on everything by designers of every kind, from haute couture to jewelry to even candle holders. Despite the fact that they can be quite a challenge to maintain and handle, it is still the crystal of choice for most people. These days, however, it is making its presence felt more in the realm of jewelries and accessories and is one of the fashion

Movado Men’s Watch

Smart shopper never pay full price for anything. When it comes to the Movado Men’s Watch Collection, we’re going to show where to shop to walk away with some sweet discounts. As a matter of fact, once you learn these easy to grasp tips, you can expect to land discounts from fifteen percent and better. The key is excepting the fact that our traditional brick and mortar stores with their massive electric bills, phone bills, salaries, commissions and recurring charges for security and upkeep simply cannot compete with the efficient online jewelry stores dedicated to Internet only transactions.

Our first tip is to find reputable online jewelers that specialize in Movado Men’s Watches. The easy way to do that is to use your favorite search engine and search for “Movado Men’s Watch.” Here’s an important tip; you should scratch off from your list “All” of the major retailers that have an online presence. They only way they can give you a discount worth writing home about is if they are going out of business.

In addition, when they say discount, what they really mean is they are reducing their already exorbitantly high prices. The discounts they

A Smart Way to Store Your Watch Collection

Watches are to men what jewelry are to women. Some men spend a significant amount of money on expensive watches so it is only right that these precious items have a proper receptacle to keep them safe. So if you have an extensive collection, you need a men’s jewelry box exclusively designed to hold your watches.

More popularly known as a watch box or watch case, this type of jewelry box is specifically used to protect and display your watch collection. It can hold from one to as many as twenty pieces or more depending on the size.

The box usually comes with different compartments with small pillows that can hold each watch separately. This is especially ideal for those with metal straps where you can wrap the strap around the pillow keeping it snug and secure.

Other boxes are designed in such a way that you can lay your timepieces flat instead of wrapping them around the pillows. This is perfect for those with leather straps. Some cases come with drawers where you can keep spare straps, spare spring bars, buckles, small tools and other small parts for your watch.

Most watch cases